Research Group



Protein Engineering and Separation Laboratory

The Protein Engineering and Separation Laboratory focuses its research on protein production and developing protein based products as human and animal therapeutics. The research group seeks not only to develop economical processes for protein purification from transgenic plant and other expression systems, to generate transgenic plants to express proteins as human therapeutics and animal vaccines, but also to engineer proteins by understanding the protein structures and protein based products to benefit the society. The group uses a true trans-disciplinary approach by integrating molecular biology, biochemistry, bioprocess engineering, and immunology to achieve its goals. The Laboratory is equipped with:
  • Akta Explorer 100 fast performance liquid chromatogrpahy system
  • Agilent Technologies 1200 high performance liquid chromatography systems
  • Hewlett Packard 1050 HPLC system
  • Stratagene Robocycler machines (PCR)
  • Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS Gel Ducumentation densitometer
  • Bio-Rad gel electrophoresis unit
  • Shimadzu UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Plant growth chambers
  • Millipore Tangential flow filtration system
  • Techne Hybridiser HB-1D
  • Fisher Scientific sonic dismembrator
  • -80 ?C and -20 ?C freezers and refrigerators
  • Centrifuge, incubators, and hoods

  • Chenming (Mike) Zhang, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech.
    Tel: 540-231-7601    Email: cmzhang @ vt.edu