Research Group



Food Process Engineering Laboratory

The vision of the Food Process Engineering laboratory is to develop processes that enhances quality and assures safety of food products. The research group works on process development through experimentation and modeling and development of rapid non-destructive evaluation techniques. Research focus in process development includes deep fat frying, microwave processing, and high hydrostatic pressure processing; extraction of phenolic compounds from plant by-products; incorporation of functional ingredients into food products. Research focus in the non-destructive evaluation includes technologies like electronic nose, ultrasound and FTIR.

The group seeks an interdisciplinary approach to discovery dedicated to developing value-added high quality food products toward a sustainable future.

The Laboratory is equipped with:
  • QMB6 Quartz-crystal microbalance based electronic nose
  • Cyranose 320 -Handheld electronic nose
  • Z Nose - SAW based fast GC/Electronic nose
  • VocChek - Handheld electronic nose
  • CEM Microwave Extraction System
  • FISO Commander fiber optic thermometer
  • Henny Penny 500 Restaurant Fryer
  • Ultran ultrasound system
  • Thermo Nicolet 6700 ATR/FT-IR spectrometer
  • Texture Technologies TA.HDPlus tensile tester
  • Haake RV-12 Rheometer
  • Soxtec Fat Extraction System
  • MTS Universal Testing Machine
  • Centrifuge, incubators, and hoods for sample preparation

  • Kumar Mallikarjunan, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech.
    Tel: 540-231-7937    Email: kumar AT vt.edu